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Saturday, November 7, 2020
10a to noon (EDT)


While we may not be able to host our 2020 Alumni Band Reunion in person this fall, we will hold the event in a virtual way! Many things will be different from previous reunions but the fellowship we share will be the same. We will start the reunion with everyone in the same Zoom space at 10a and will then break into separate Zoom rooms at 10:30a based on when you were in the Marching Tar Heels. The general reunion room will remain open the entire time for those who wish visit with those from different eras.


Here are the Zoom links for the 2020 Alumni Band Reunion:

General Alumni Band Reunion –
(Jeff Fuchs, host)

Major Y Years –
(, host)

Jim Hile Years –
(, hosts)

Brian Doyle Years –
(, host)

Matt McClure Years –
(, host)

Arris Golden/Erin Cooper Years –


We hope you will plan to attend the reunion and join the fun! Questions may be sent to Jeff Fuchs at