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  • David Michaud, Administrative Assistant
  • Stephen Lytle, Arranger
  • Wesley Simpson, Drill Designer
  • Greg Tilley, Announcer
  • Kirby Matthews, Videographer

Instructional Staff

  • Zoe Burnet, Majorette Instructor
  • Nate Campbell, Marching Percussion Instructor
  • Katelyn McIntosh, Guard Instructor
  • Kayla Goforth, Assistant Guard Instructor
  • Becca Clemens, Instructor
  • John Enloe, Instructor
  • Andrew Lovett, Instructor
  • Matthew Parunak, Instructor
  • Jeffery Richardson, Instructor
  • Casey Spillman, Instructor

The faculty and staff are assisted by a Student Staff, which is selected to be involved in the administration of band activities. Students selected as leaders have proven themselves to be dependable, dedicated, respected and a positive influence on others. The primary function of the student staff is to provide the foundation of the band’s inner discipline. The student staff is selected during the Spring semester, based on written application, interview with the directors, and observed attitude during their previous involvement in the UNC Bands.

Game Day Staff

Former members of the Athletic Bands volunteer to assist with logistics of game days during football season. The help the Game Day Staff provides is very much appreciated and makes the football game day experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.